Singing Beach, Cooking

This weekend I paid a visit to the “Singing Beach” at Manchester-by-the-Sea! The Commuter Rail from North Station takes you to Manchester in all of 51 minutes… a 10 minute walk from the station brought us to the singing beach…
Too bad, the “sun don’t shine like in Tel Aviv”… the sun was shining but the day was cold! A, A’s friend C, and I ….
(sounds like I am reciting the alphabet isnt it? “ABC, A’s friend is C, AC and I, we went out to Sea” … Strike one, Dr Seuss).. well getting back to the story, A, C and I went out to spend the afternoon and evening on the beach, and hoped to get some water time too… well, Poseidon (Neptune, as he is known in the Roman circles) had other plans… within 25 seconds of entering the water, i exited with a yelp, and with all of my teeth (wisdom too, not that they helped !!) chattering! it was cold, collddd… brrrrr……. that put an end to Jacques Cousteau like adventures… C had brought her wet suit but it was too cold to think of entering the water…. wet suit remained dry! … we played volleyball, ate pistachio nuts, chocolate chip cookies, fruits, found out that if you kick up the sand, the particles rub against each other, and actually “sing”.. i heard a refrain that sounded like “pour some sugar on me” but hey, it could be “shifting whispering sands by rusty draper”
We got back late, tired but content!
Next day, I cooked. Over the last few months, I discovered that I can cook, I like cooking, and other people are not dying like flies from eating the food that I have cooked … all good news for my future health and life! I am adept at making both north and south indian dishes, which is also a plus! Last week, we had a Dosa cookout (or I should say, cookin, as it was all indoors!), thanks to a generous donation of dosa batter and coconut chutney by my dear cousin sister, L. (L, if you ever navigate to this page, all who have savoured the dosa that was created from the batter you gave, thank thee from the bottom of our bottomless stomach pits!!)
Au revoir!


Random Thoughts

As I have told more than one person, “the anchors for my logical processes are always up in the air”, so a post about ‘random’ thoughts is always inevitable! Though random in order and content, you might also find a thread of “lateral thought” interwoven in the broad tapestry of my creation! I claim sole ownership rights for these thoughts (not likely that anyone else would want to touch this one with a bargepole!)
1) I have the best roommates one can have!
2) Dosa and coconut chutney make a potent combination, second only to mosaranna, the curd rice … *sigh*
3) Karl Popper is a cool daddy
4) The Boston Symphony Orchestra is playing Weber, Schumann and Mendelssohn on October 18. Dont miss it!
5) If my roommates stay in the same house, but not the same room, shouldnt they be called housemates?
6) I cant wait to see Nisha.
7) If radio waves can cause physical damage to our brain, does it not stand to reason that we might one day be able to recieve radio waves without the use of a cellular phone. What happens to the phone companies? Do they start installing radio frequency chips in our heads. Does the prepaid plan still remain more expensive?
8) Are waffles better with maple syrup or with Blueberry syrup?
9) If the inhibition centre of your brain is the first to be overwhelmed by alcohol, then why is there a psychological need to drink more when alcohol has not been shown to induce a physical craving?

10) What are the ‘statue” couple in Davis Square talking about?
11) Why does the “Uruk-Hai” theme from the Lord of the Rings strike such a “chord” in me?
12) I can cook
13) Over the last year, I have learnt that out of the box is better than within the box… Ten years hence, I would not be surprised to find myself stuck in the middle of the Sahara, without water, and regretting the fact that I did not learn how to skin a cactus fruit when I was in the Negev
14) As I grow older, I grow more obstinate
15) Sometimes I am so full of s**t that I disgust myself… luckily, these days, those times are rare
16) I now find time to appreciate life for what it is… not something that I need to subdue and control… Less anal, more oral!!
17) I know a lot more about a lot of things that others didnt think possible of me… I see that as a result of the new emerging me!
18) Things look a lot different after the past weekend… I find that I realize my boundaries, limits…. or is that my limitless boundaries?
19) Does age matter? Not in the general scheme of things, but in the personal scheme of things?
20) When should I speak up? Is there a right time? What if the window of opportunity is slowly being shut in my face?

On this note, I bid thee goodbye!


Parties, Gita, et al

My friend, M and I had left a Tufts party at 11.00 PM. We reached Central Square at 11.40. We were on our way to another party! (Did I mention that I was going to spend this semester enjoying curricular and extra-curricular activities?)
We reached the house where the second party was to be held and found, to our consternation, a silent party-animals-less house! (Two days later I was to find out that we had been standing in front of the wrong building, staring bleary eyed at a complete stranger’s house!)
M and I decided to walk the few miles to our respective houses, catching up on what we had done this summer.
Notable among our discussions was the origin of religion and the concept of god; our perceptions on our religions and how we view other religions.
I started out on the Vedas, the Bhagwad Gita, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata… not as much trying to explain where these stories are from as trying to understand how they have influenced my perceptions (This at 12.30 AM on a saturday morning!). I thought back to the week before where a good friend of mine, D, read out the “Opulence of the Absolute”, a chapter in the Bhagwad Gita.
This chapter came into my mind when trying to explain my vision of God to M.
M, if you are reading this, these links might make what I said a wee bit clearer, though you have to make allowances for the hour of the night when i said what i said!! More when we meet again.
D, Thanks. I am sure you will take a dekko at this page, someday, when you are not enjoying a refreshing cold beer on a hot day; then again, even when you are!


UK trip update

Some snippets from my UK visit… I spent two days in London, headed out to Cambridge for a day trip, hoofed it to Leicester and ended the trip with a day trek in the Peak District at Edale!

Lord Love a Duck, its Lords!
Did you know that Lords is walking distance from Sherlock Holmes’ house on Baker Street? I found out the hard way or rather the “walk way”!

The all seeing Eye!
If you think the red eye of Mordor was bad, you should check out the British Airways “Bad Boy” London Eye!!

Doesn’t he look tired?
and this was before…

He became one of the “Indian Men Who Went Up This Mountain…

“And Came Down This Hill”… All these adventures in the Peak District!

More… later.. from Bahston!