Just came back from the Windy city… tons of stories, pics and, a *ahem* embarassing new video clip of me (as I told one of my good friends, its a “family” video…involving me, a spoon and a bowl of chocolate) from my three days there… watch this space for more… winding down with homework and entering spring recess break…


Presenting Kaili

My good friend Kaili is a new entrant to the blog scene, one of the reamining Few Good Women (*immediately hides from the bricks, bats and stones hurled in his direction*)

I am honoured to be listed on her blog. Enjoy her blog as it matures and blossoms!

This weekend, I am headed Chicago way – a reunion that is many years in the making! The Original Three Musketeers – 22/7, Peedus and I – will walk the dark streets, and the light streets, dispensing summary justice to one and all! I will get a chance ot catch up on old friends, WHO allies, and Doctors in the making!

UPDATE: Kaili’s blog is offline. Watch this space for more