Tag? As in the TAG Hardware Store in Porter Square, Cambridge?

Alo, in all her Glorious Wisdom, made me a part of this curious phenomenon called Tagging. Social Networkologists believe that Tagging it is a by-product of …duh… social networks (some even go to say that it is THE product), and all that jazz. I think it is a refined version of the “hoax mail”, you know, the one where, “if you love your friends you have to forward this mail to atleast 20 friend units in the next five minutes” and “earn $280 million because Bill Gates is giving away his fortune”!! HA
Alo’s “pass on the TAG” TAG exercise needs the the TAGee to answer the following in brief:
1) Say who tagged you
2) Say eight things about yourself
3) Tag 6 people

1) Alo
2) Since this is an “anonymous”(HA to that too, since my name and my naked torso have made guest appearances!) blog, the chances of me putting in eight true things about myself is as high as the chances of me finishing a four quarter NBA basketball game (or should I amend that to me playing in the NBA???) … if you want to get to know me, meet me; no better way.
a) I was once the Michael Jordan of the school Basketball Court, I am now the Adonis of the Food Court
b) Dents is my nickname; I do not possess the strength or skill to induce temporary distortions in the continutity of gleaming automobile surfaces; and no, I dont repair dents either
c) I have “literally” bowled a maiden over on the basketball court
d) I watch horror movies from under a thin sheet of fabric; that way you can see whats creature from hell is going to eat the poor half-naked girl wandering about in the forest on a freezing winter night in her negligee (in my opinion, she deserves to get eaten, only to “improve the genome” – Darwin Awards) without jumping up startled, and spilling all of the popcorn over the couch
e) I am doing a PhD in Conversational Physics
f) I have used theorems of Conversational Physics in actual conversations (ha ha): “I know about this Newton guy, wasn’t he the one that invented gravity” to “Kneels Bore is a medieval torture instrument”
g) I once bought and spilled a Grande cup of Starbucks coffee all over meself; no, it was not a lab experiment in “How to get started with Conversational Physics”
h) I am funny; not the weird kind of funny, the amusing silly kind of funny… notice the number of HAs expended in this area of cyberspace
….whew… done
3) TAG Away… the new brand from the makers of precision timepieces. I am TAGging Vee, Taz, Axe and Ozzy’s Mom. Now for the best part: I am putting a kink in the Network by reverse TAGging Alo and self-TAGging Dents. Notice the insidious plot to create a infinitesimal (degree of importance to the existence of humanity) infinite (degree of boredom induced by trying to understand me) loop – The IIL of humanity; might I add that this self taggin’ has been done on a closed course with professional nincompoops, DO NOT TRY IT AT HOME. Take that, you netTAGologists!


Wining and Dining

Its Boston Restaurant Week 2006 out here, a chance to dine fine, and pay less! We were at Vox Populi last night. It was nice to kick your heels back, and chill out!! Last night’s success might push me in the direction of Cafe Fleuri at Langham Hotel or the Avenue One at Hyatt Regency Boston next week. Anyone care to join me? 🙂
Pat’s weather report from Texas: “Its 112 F (45 C) here. Who turned off the AC in Texas?” … hahaha
Further Update from Weatherman Pat: “Its 113 degrees Kelvin here”


I’m back…

… and full speed ahead!
I submitted my application to take my PhD qualifying exam today… written: November 1 2006; Orals: November 21/22 2006.
Getting upto speed on a lot of academics… I’m in the zone right now…


We are in Texas…

Arrival @ Benbrook, TX: Tuesday 8th August 2006 @ 3.54 PM Central Time
No of Small furry creatures converted to Road Kill: 0
No of other co-travellers on the highway scared into a senseless mass of quivering protoplasm: 1234
Number of times I had Patrick praying for his life as a result of my beautiful driving abilities: 6
Number of times we were pulled over by various State Police personnel: 0
Number of times we were gives rude finger gestures: 0 [Hey, this is the nice midwest, not Boston]
Onwards to Dallas and then I head back to Beantown


On the road again…

Pat’s car is the center of attraction once again….

Reached Little Rock, Arkansas last night… Watching the reality show called “30 Days” on TV last night, I experienced a moment of irony! This show is by Morgan Spurlock, the creator of Super Size Me. The show idea is to put a person outside his/her comfort zone for 30 days. On last night’s version, an American Enginner named John spends a month with an Indian family in Bangalore, working in a Call Center. The moment I am talking about occurs with John teaching the daughter-in-law of the family he is staying with, to pronounce Arkansas…
… Here I am, sitting in Arkansas, USA, and there she is, trying to say “Ar-kan-saw”

We are now watching “Saved By The Bell” on TBS!


Free wireless in Ohio!!

Reporting Live from AmeriHost Inn Jeffersonville!!!

View from outside our window in AmeriHost Inn Jeffersonville

10160 Carr Road N.W. * I-71 at State Route 41 exit 69, Jeffersonville, OH 43128, US
Phone: 740-426-6400 * Fax: 740-426-6500
Reached safely and soundly last night… and soundly fell asleep… we aim to reach Little Rock by this evening… a day for goofy fun, wacky road videos, and Denish singing… yes, if there is one way to spur Pat into reaching the destination earlier, it is the vision, audio and all, of me singing!!!
So far, we havent been shot at, yelled at (though the person I cut in front of, and apologized to, in New York state doesnt count!!), chased by police or picked up hitchhikers! So the objectives of the trip still lie unfulfilled 🙂
More from the home of the Bill Clinton Museum…. I have two words.. White and Water!!!


And off to Texas we go….

We leave in 20 minutes… 3 relaxed days of driving… 1887 miles… I am going to see a lot more of Americana than I have seen in the last two years!
Patrick and I decided to make a “Road Trip” movie out of this… Release Date: Sometime in the Fall of 2006!
Watch the national media outlets for hot breaking news of our wild adventures:
Day 1: Boston, Mass to Columbus, Ohio
Day 2: Columbus to Little Rock, Arkansas (This day will be tough!)
Day 3: Little Rock to Fort Worth, Texas

I bid thee adieu!
coz we are gone in 60 seconds!


The Red Sox

Boston’s favorites take on the Cleveland Indians this evening at 7.05 PM. I will be one of the non-Cleveland Indians there.
Yipeeee! Thanks to Francis, for getting the tickets!

*UPDATE*The Sox lost 6-3. I had a good time but I guess I was not the only happy Indian in the Park 🙂