Vitamin E

I have been notified that Vitamin E is a good thing! So go gorge on Vitamin E… and Vitamin D… and random other alphabet soup items 🙂



You are looking at the questions,
But the answers don’t come to mind,
You wonder if your head contains a brain,
Or that got left behind,

Supply and demand – those are mean curves,
More inelastic than fungible,
Are the externalities on my life,

Oh, show me the light, If I am right,
I am not going down without a fight!


Done, Done, Done, Done, Done …..

Just sent in my written answer…. I havent slept in 30 hours!!!!
I am Done, Done, Done, Done, Done, Done, Done…..
with the written part… i decided to change my study design on the 6th day as the first one was not “flamboyant” enuf! ha!that will teach me! And decided to adopt a different country to do the study in… double ha! i am sooooo tired!


Bang in the middle….

I am exactly two hours and 12 minutes from reaching the halfway mark in this marathon that is disguised as the written part of my qualifying exam… I have two words and a punctuation mark for the world out there….

“Why Me?”

Was it not sufficient that they cancelled Bharat Ek Khoj and The Office (UK)? Wasn’t it enough to make me cry at the end of Forrest Gump , when Jenny dies? (oh shoot, did I give away the suspenseful ending… is there anyone in the house who hasnt seen the Gump???)

Did I ask for this level of stress and tension? Absolutely! Do I love it? YES!

Ask me again in three and a half days time, and do a paired t-test to see if there is any significant difference in my response… Your results, though, are not valid due to sample size issues, and the fact that you are cocking a snook at the body of statistical literature by even contemplating the use of a paired t-test with a sample size of 1…unless… your population is “you, yourself and not-irene”