America’s Next Top Statistical Model

I get a call from Jess, who was excited about this idea that has been conceived by her friend Andy. Andy who goes to the Harvard School of Public Health wanted to spoof the show “America’s Next Top Model” and make “America’s Next Top Statistical Model”!! Given that I am used to making the most pathetic statistical puns, even in Data analysis class, Jess thought that I would enjoy getting my hands dirty with this… and she was right… we sat together one sunny Sunday and made the whole thing!! it was great fun!
Andy got together a class cast to act out the characters and with about 6 practice sessions, they were ready… cool… i added background effects and we were good to go for Harvard School of Public Health’s International Night! they were amazing on stage and i loved watching the abstract puns come to life…hahaha

The background of the play:
There are 8 statistical models and the compere, Ion T-test, gives them a task based on which one will be chosen “America’s Next Top Statistical Model”. The email (ahem…”STATA MAIL”) outlining the task:
Hey Ya’ll, I need some help. My grandmother has come down with some serious heartache. I need you to help me lessen her risk. So ladies, it’s time to pimp my relative’s risk. In this challenge, you will each have to build a model that will fill her aorta and balloon her heart with love. Please turn your output and syntax into me by midnight.
In Confidence,
Ion T-Test

the fun begins soon after!

This is not the whole play and it is missing bits, as you can make out, and this was shot with a handheld so the audio is a little screwy, but enjoy it all the same!

It links here


"Your so vain, you probably think this post is about you…"

… or maybe it is!
Have you had the the following phrases, or modifications thereof, thrown at you?
“I think your a great guy [/girl]”
“You’re doctors scribble is atrocious”
“You’re contribution is acknowledged”
Do not forget the classics: “Their is no one who can beat me”; “Dogs love to chew on they’re bones”; “Is there meeting going to be long?”

hmmm…Who do people spell by pronunciation alone?… I wonder if this is why i run across personal (as in HR), dumbell, its vs it’s, momento, greatful, bellweather, pronunciation, among others, so frequently!

Here’s a WikiHow step-by-step instructional page on getting your yours right!!

I like the use of thereof, wherein, notwithstanding…. even if it makes no sense to use it… especially if it makes no sense to use it…


Who’s your Lead User?

Last week I bumped into an Innovation researcher, Eric Von Hippel, who is a Professor and Head of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Group at the MIT Sloan School of Management. I heard some fascinating case studies of “pioneers” or “lead users”, leading me to look it up, and after the journey of a thousand steps, I found myself becoming a member of “The Instructables Squad”
And look, they have a “Not Liable” section too!!!! hahaha


"Yesterday was 1st April, so???"

“…and what has that got to do with your post?”

Ironically, the bait reeled in all of the fish only on the 2nd! *ow ow ow* Ducking from all the brickbats thrown his way

Thank you for the wishes and the request for details! I will take a raincheck on answering them! For there exists no question without an answer… unless it is “What is the meaning of life?”… hang on.. thats taken…42, isn’t it?


"I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes…"

… “Love is all around me, And so the feeling grows…”

There’s a song always running through my head, I skip when I walk, whistle a melodious refrain while on the train, smile at strangers, have this goofy happy face look all the time, I can’t stop thinking of this one person, she finally said yes….
Diagnosis, Doctor?