May fair

The conversation got around to Thomas Stearns Eliot ( a.k.a T S Eliot), and it was agreed that we had to read his poetry, at least to proclaim, “I might die on my way home, but I can now say that I have read T S Eliot”.
Anywhoo, from his Four Quartets – Dry Salvages

“It seems, as one becomes older,
That the past has another pattern, and ceases to be a mere sequence—
Or even development: the latter a partial fallacy
Encouraged by superficial notions of evolution,
Which becomes, in the popular mind, a means of disowning the past.”

My only comment:

“Dude’s kicking Darwin in the ‘nads!”


Other May update:
I spent the last weekend with Jim and Louise in VT. There was much canoeing (a.k.a sitting in the canoe while Hope and Jim paddled!), wood stacking (sprained wrist and all), shrub planting (Hope, the Ag Extension expert, and me, the health extension expert combined to do a fairly good job – things go all right if no one listens to me), brunch by the brook, and of course, Jana Gana Mana on the piano (a visit to Jim without the Indian national anthem being played on the piano is like a visit that never happened at all!). It took me 6 hours to get there, what with a connecting bus not turning up, and the replacement bus dying on us after only 20 minutes! the weekend was well worth the pain. Good times.

Krish, I owe you a call. wait for it… 🙂

Woohoo, new roommates time. We have one position locked in, another which seems likely to be settled in two weeks. If you want to hang with the coolest, you know whom to call.