Blogger to WordPress

I set up a blog on the Blogger platform in 2005, when I spent three lovely months in Beersheva, Israel. I was presumably on an internship but as my activities detailed on the blog would have you believing otherwise.

When I set up the WordPress platform for my site earlier  this year, I was given an option to import my old Blogger posts. That was wonderful because I was resigned to giving the ole neglect treatment to the blogger site. This option allowed me to archive 8 years worth of [infrequent] ramblings.

The import process went smoothly enough. The main issues are the old video embeds. They don’t work on WordPress. I have to either reinsert them again or put in a link to the blogger site, where they are working. I’ve decided to handle that later. More urgently, the tags/categories mismatch is going to be my first priority. Blogger allowed you to tag your posts and I admit I went a little tag happy. On importing it into WordPress, I found out, to my horror, that all my tags are now categories and the tag field is empty on my posts. This can’t remain.

I’m now slowly going through my old posts, and converting categories to tags, and trying to reign in the number of categories that I need. I wish there had been a way to map the old blogger tags [all 189 of the now WordPress categories] to the new WordPress tags so I didn’t have to do this.

It is a work in progress.