Natalie Merchant

Symphony Hall reverberated with the sound of Natalie Merchant last Wednesday. Wow! It sounded like they were meant to be together. The sentiment is echoed

And what a Saturday – Roslindale to Somerville to Cambridge to Somerville to Brookline to Concord to Roslindale to Brookline to Concord and finally, back to Roslindale. It involved a dog, lifting furniture, a house, scrumptious pasta a new desktop and good friends.

And I’m now in the lab on a Sunday, attempting to work through the night. I’ve never pipetted through the night, so if they find my hand in rigor mortis, it will not have been in vain. If I make a breakthrough, shall I run through the streets sans vestments, loudly proclaiming Eurek-ous discovery, or shall I allow myself a 13-hour nap session? Decisions, Decisions!