Natalie Merchant

Symphony Hall reverberated with the sound of Natalie Merchant last Wednesday. Wow! It sounded like they were meant to be together. The sentiment is echoed

And what a Saturday – Roslindale to Somerville to Cambridge to Somerville to Brookline to Concord to Roslindale to Brookline to Concord and finally, back to Roslindale. It involved a dog, lifting furniture, a house, scrumptious pasta a new desktop and good friends.

And I’m now in the lab on a Sunday, attempting to work through the night. I’ve never pipetted through the night, so if they find my hand in rigor mortis, it will not have been in vain. If I make a breakthrough, shall I run through the streets sans vestments, loudly proclaiming Eurek-ous discovery, or shall I allow myself a 13-hour nap session? Decisions, Decisions!


Conversations with Ella

Doggies are your unconditional best friends, but they’ve got the “puppy dog” look down pat! Ella, though, has more than a puppy dog look in her repertoire, and i received all of them during my week taking care of her. We also indulged in staring contests, mano a dogo, and to my credit, i won a few of them. Our conversations mainly went like this:
Ella (with mournful look): Can I have a doggie treat?
Me: Didnt I give you one a few minutes ago?
Ella (deepening mournful look): I am a big doggie, the treat is a small treat; we suffer from a inadequacy of matching sizes
Me: I have my orders; your next treat comes with your medicine
Ella (during our walks): Let’s go near that man who is walking that tiny dog?
Me: I thought you didnt like other dogs?
Ella : No i dont. I want to tear that mutt limb from limb
Me: oh, sorry; I have my orders
Ella (while I am cooking Indian food): What is that curious smell? Can i have a taste?
Me: Didnt you just polish off a bowl of your doggie food?
Ella : yep. pleaasee, pretty please with whipped cream and cherry on top
Me: Dude, I dont think you can handle this. Believe me, you are better off without it.
Ella (squeezing herself onto my bed): Hey mister.. make space for me on your side
Me: Go lie on your bed
Ella : (puppy dog and mournful doggy look sent my way at the same time)

Since Roslindale, MA was almost next door to Norwood, MA I took this opportunity to spend time with “Nunu Baby”. Toddlers never tire of the peekaboo game, as I have learnt during my extensive pediatric training and reinforced over the last week with Nunu. And they love Bow-Bow, atleast Nunu does; and is not scared of her. The boys also make a sponge cake which was no too bad!

It was a relaxed week!