My attempt at a Poem

The night is cold
The snow sits easy on the tree,
the colour of the sky mirrors the mood of events to come

The phone rings,
There is a hollow feeling in the pit of my stomach
What follows is meant to be

When I saw you standing there
My heart leapt for joy
And I knew that we were going to be just fine

I feel comfortable
And I feel safe
Telling you that I love you
Feels just right


The Public Face

Tomorrow, I place myself right in front of the Board of Overseers at Tufts, talking about why I came to Tufts…. and how my fellowship is going to help me reach whereever I am going… did that make sense? Oddly enough, it did to me… preparing for the talk, it gave me a chance to reevaluate my aims and goals and how I intend to reach them… it does good for one to be shaken up once in a while.. there is a risk of being caught in the wave of blissful ignorance, and in the end, finding yourself washed up on shores unwanted… not happening with me, not here at Tufts… its a lovely place, (inspite of being located in downtown Boston) the faculty is incredible diverse and experienced, and I have funding! Best platform for “life launch”, if I have seen any!
This is one instance where my public face and my private face are the same! I do hope I dont cry!!


Game Night

“Do you like Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble. Monopoly, Dumb Charades?
In other words, are you one of the following: Geek, Nerd, Dork, or plain fun lovin’?
Drop by our house on Friday Evening and find out!”

I am a loser! In all of the games mentioned above!



It happened again…. the return episode of the hair-today-gone-tomorrow saga; Only this time, the protagonists were me and the nice Chinese lady manning the “hair station”!! When you lose money, they tell you that “you got shaved”; in my case, I literally got near-shaved!!
The first person who saw this new look was M, who remarked “hon, you look great”! That did buoy my spirits up a bit, further bolstered by my good buddy and TT challenge (“I will win, someday, P, when I master my new racquet!!”), P, who said _ “It makes you look younger”… younger or not, i am certainly lighter… a few grams lighter!!

On a related note, the P and D Table Tennis (TT) Championships have begun! All ye who are interested in seeing two giants in the Friedman School TT scene (also the only two people on the Friedman TT scene) clash are welcome to make their way to the third floor of 130 Harrison Avenue, Boston! Armed with Butterfly racquets (the locals here call them paddles!) PD or DP will play out sets of 5-7 matches everyday and the loser in those matches wins the Championship. I amight as well take the Cup home right now!


Mood Music

Sitting here listening to ‘These Eyes’ by the Guess Who, I am struck by how my perception of music is influenced by the mood I am in… to digress, the Guess Who named themselves as such because they gained popularity in the extremely competitive American music scene on the basis of a rumor that they were the Beatles![Source: John Einarson’s “American Woman: The Story of the Guess Who”] … going back to my mood, I was feeling real goooood three days back and ‘Otherside’ [Red Hot Chilli Peppers] was really moving me… I like this song brcause its rythmn “moves me” but that effect was magnified that day! It felt greaaat! .. When I am moping, Goodbye Blue Sky, Soldier of fortune and Killing Me Softly resonate with my mood and their effect on me lasts longer… talk about mood music
Or I could be just a strange little guy with a fractional emotional quotient!
Take a look at this bitchin’ site. Its chillin’ magellan!