The Mother of Game Nights

The evening of Friday the 3rd February 2006 was a watershed in Mason Street history. At a unique event this day, we had citizens of varying nationality, with diverse educational backgrounds coming together to participate in the largest (to date) Game Night of 23 Mason Street. Gingerbreak cake and baked nectarines hobnobbed with bhel puri and tortilla chips and salsa while Oreo cookies complemented the fantastic Tiramisu. Japanese graciousness and Korean humour kept the night alive while the Filipino brain and the American supercomputer raced to victory. There were taboos left unspoken and pursuits made trivial . It was also the celebration of the day of birth of one of our own – A doctor-to-be, a Mason-ite of long standing. Suffice to say, our expectations (I refer to the 23 Mason-ites – G, L, T and I) were exceeded with nary a backward glance!!
Yesterday my friends and I paid a visit to the new kid on the block and picked up this and this and this. What fun, all this!