"It’s all coming back to me now…"

…Or is it that I am going back?
A bit of both…
My next post will be after a trip across a few seas, if not all the seven!


A Big Thank You…

…to the Shpais – Girish and Lo, Ram and his deep pockets (and I am not talking about Pita bread), Dinu-saurus and Lachchho…
…for keeping me afloat, solvent… for “dissolving” my pain 🙂



January 2005: Jim and the impromptu “Happy Birthday to You” rendition @ the Boston Symphony Hall!
January 2006: Ram, Shalini, Nunu and Sitara @ Asmara… and how did that cake get sneaked in under my very nose? Brilliant!
January 2007: Afsan, Tara, Mo, Caroline, Magali, Greg @ Addis and follow-up with sleigh bells, cake and “funny” (atleast he thought he was!) waiter at Garden of Eden….

Yep… eventful, wonderful, memorable… its what we live for, isnt it? *sigh*


Weirder and Weirder!

I have been tagged by the Axe-man and I have the not-so-popular task of listing 6 things about me, myself and me that make me weird… so here goes
1) I go banannas over banannas but I sometimes whine for grapes
2) Sense of humour
3) When I am on a concrete sidewalk that has been carved into large rectangles, I have to take equal number of steps on either side of the dividing line… it drives me nuts when they cant ensure that the rectangles are of the same size as then my walking pace varies… go figure that weird one out… something to do with my mathematical brain (i dont want to hear any more talk of “huh? dude, you? brain?”)… and its not OCD if it does not happen all the time; only the times when my blood serotonin levels are the 98th percentile values
4) I have the attention span of a baby dodo (No backtalk about – “Did you know that the reason why the dodos went extinct was because they experienced an acute shortage of baby dodos?”)
5) I want to join the Space Monkey Mafia 🙂
6) What lies beneath…


A shout out…

…to the dinu-saurus, who turns 16 today, or a multiple thereof!
Highlights of my New Years Eve:
1) Evening out with Mo, Beaudry and Chris at Boston’s First Night
3) making calculated guesses on which part of the Pegasus Ice Sculpture was going to melt first… I put my money on the tail
2) Missing most events due to the really really slow progress of the T
3) Interpretive Dance performance by the Eva Dean Dance company
4) Bowling on the Nintendo Wii with MIT super-geniuses at a gathering
5) Making Aloo Parathas with the aforementioned New Years Eve gang on New Years Day, followed by Monty Python hilarity

All in all, a quiet time!
how was your day?