Aah… iodine

My favourite subject has returned…

What would you do if you found out that you were iodine deficient (let play out a scenario, notwithstanding the fact that individual iodine deficiency is neither easy nor cost effective to determine)…

so, you are in the middle of the desert, starving for iodine (and water and food… run with the scenario, folks). What would you give your left arm for (assumption 10001: you are right handed)? a slice of pizza with feta cheese and caramelized onion topping? you must be mad… iodised salt? nah, it will only make you thirsty… seaweed? in the desert?
No, you should never leave home (and specifically, not for the desert) without your trusty (wait for it, wait for it) 20 oz bottle of Iodine Mineral Water, courtesy your wonderful looking-out-for-your-health friends at Eniva Corporation.
$26.95 for a bottle! HA!


Its 9 O clock on a friday…

…and I am still in the lab…

Existential Questions no 1: Why?
Existential Questions no 2: What is the learning curve for someone my age?
Existential Questions no 3: Why dont I get on with the powderin’ of rat livers instead of posting on my blog?

Partial answer: I aim to be lab work free by midnight tonight…. weekend plans include a trip to Vermont… Bob left his Infiniti with me, for safekeeping! (Hahahaha… ) I am going to let ‘er rip on Route 2 on the way to Vermont on Sunday… If you read my obit sometime next week, be assured I went out in a blaze of glory with a smile on my face! (j/k – but i will still put the Infiniti through its paces… on a short drive it handles like a luxury car should…)