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—Initial parts of this post were composed three weeks ago. Adjust chronological descriptions accordingly!—

Health, or the lack thereof

My last week was spent in bed, the days punctuated by bouts of high fever, shivering and cough, and the nights filled with more coughing! As a rule, I am loath to take anything more than supportive therapy, because most of these nagging illnesses are viral and subside by themselves; unless they are of bacterial origin, and I know that I will not be able to function at more than a sorta-vegetative state without antibiotics. well, I was at that point and it took three different antibiotics and 10 days to subdue this relatively “simple” upper respiratory tract infection. No more rales and rhonchi, S!
I wonder how others in this country would fare? my limited observations (friends as patients, mainly!) has led me to believe that there is an over dependence on the medical system when you have insurance, and an under utilization when you do not. I want to be out there in the field, providing free health care, using my god-given knowledge and skills (as they mentioned in med school – “god only knows how he finished medical school” 🙂 ) . But I am unable to do as I please, for a variety of reasons – economic, residency, immigration. “Patience, patients, patience”, I tell myself! 🙂 Massachusetts has a mandatory health insurance requirements for all its residents, but the expected increases in health care coverage among those whom the plan was intended for – the low income group – has been minor. Still, it’s early days yet!

Who let the dogs in?
Someone broke into our apartment this week. Nothing that was stolen was irreplaceable, but it made me seriously think of a guard dog, heck any dog! I also had a unique experience of watching a poor man’s CSI detective at work (a.k.a real life detective) – charcoal fingerprint kit, underfunded, understaffed, and no, the DNA analysis is not available at the touch of a button. Detective MM, was polite, courteous, and full of suggestions on making the house and electronics (which items were stolen) safe. Quite a contrast to the traditional stereotype of a Boston Police Officer, but then, we live in Brookline (the Genteel Suburb), and the Brookline PD is known for its politeness!

In recent news, my quote was featured in the Boston magazine article on a Cambridge churches tour. One of my friends, L, asked me to join her on a “Cambridge Churches as Agents of Change” tour, and I got asked for my opinion of the tour. Me being me, I had to sound deep and knowledgeable, and all-knowing, and ended up sounding pretty pretentious in the article. That will teach me!

Heading down to NYC this weekend, to catch up with the Maitra and Lo (behold! – sorry, could not resist)! Given my string of luck (My numerology number is 4), I probably risk getting mugged, or be a part of a finding-a-bag-full-of-money-and-then-get-chased-by-the-FBI-and-the-Mafia adventure!
Bring it on!