Earworm of the week

While you are waiting for the next post:

I’m not on Facebook, so it looks like I missed the [latest] viral video making the rounds. It’s Carrie Manolakos covering Radiohead’s Creep.

It’s a good cover.

<H/T: Balloon Juice>

Coincidentally, a couple of days before, on one of my Singapore night walkabouts, I was sitting down with a large group at Timbré @ The Arts House. We were hanging out with the director and producer of Menstrual Man (go watch if it’s showing near you or, in the US and UK, on iTunes in January) and there was a DJ playing music. All of a sudden, Melie, who is seated next to me, starts head banging and singing. It took me a few seconds to figure out that the song that was playing was Radiohead’s Creep, and I was sitting next to their biggest fan, at least in Singapore. That song stayed with me for the next couple of days, and now the cover will be with me all this week.


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