Ever had that feeling…

When you feel like something big is going to happen to you.  I’m pretty prescient; there’s a slow buildup and boom… something happens.
I’ve had this ominous feeling for a few weeks now – something big is coming up my life pipeline. I wake up every morning at 5 and even though there’s no big important task on a day to day basis,  I keep myself busy. My mood had been upbeat,  for most part.
I’ll be pretty disappointed if it is just a job!

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    1. Hai grasshopper! I do have tons of pictures from south east Asia; I’m waiting to write a backstory for each pic but your comment made me think about just uploading then with a brief caption and let the viewers create their own context

  1. Hi Dee-man! Interesting thoughts… A job could be good, too… Maybe the job would be the thing that kept you busy while the other unexpected thing swept into your life!

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