Icebreakers and Energizers

On my recent visit to Kyrgyzstan, my co-facilitator, Maryanne Stone-Jimenez  and I ran a 5-day training workshop on nutrition in Bishkek, the capital. We subsequently mentored a 3 day workshop that some of our “trainees” conducted in a distant Oblast called Naryn. We learnt a lot from them, as much as they did from us, so we should call everyone participants, and not distinguish between “trainers” and “trainees”.

During these workshop, I saw a lot of icebreaker and “energizers” being used. Icebreakers and energizers can break up the monotony of a training by getting are a way to break up expected reticence when a group of people (strangers and others) get together for a common purpose. We could see the interest levels dip, and if we used an energizer in a timely fashion, we were able to pull the participants back in! We also wanted to mix in some “learning” energizers with others that are just games, both mental and physical. We felt, at the end, that we got a good mix of both, and mostly applied at the exact time it was needed. I have an idea to create a large collaborative google document to document these and other activities that we (and others) have used – it is a valuable resource, not just for training but for any social activity. None of these are trade secrets, folks – share and share alike.

In the meanwhile, enjoy some photos from the training


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