“Don’t get me wrong”

“Don’t get me wrong” – I see/hear this in written text/ conversations when someone is making a point and trying to convince the reader/audience about something

These 4 words get me thinking:

  1. You’re showing your defensiveness and I think you’re starting off the back foot if you are defending the “appropriateness” of a point that you haven’t made yet
  2. Relatedly, you’re presuming that the point you make will offend someone. Regardless of whether you say those 4 words, someone is going to get offended.
  3.  You are presuming a bias on part of your reader/audience – whether unconscious or not. Do you think folks are not capable of looking beyond what registers in their “echo chamber”- the world where only their ideas and opinions are valid. Might be some truth to that but is it worth getting into that?
  4. I’ve used these words on more than one occasion and I am guilty of these presumptions
  5.  I’m trying to be self aware about it, hence this post.

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