Jim Levinson’s Memoirs – “Tales from the Field: 50 Years of Work in International Nutrition”

The Note below explains it all, and link to the Free book and hard copy is at the bottom of the page:

Greetings to Jim’s Friends and Colleagues:

As one of those who put Jim up to this, I’m obviously delighted that he’s actually done it. Tales of 50 years of nutrition adventure, commitment and rocking of boats. I hope you enjoy these tales as much as I have.

You’ll find this likable book reflects both Jim’s compelling charm and his indefatigable efforts to see through all the hokum and creatively unclog the social constraints that keep nutrition from moving ahead more quickly.  Fifty years is a long time not to give up on something and this little book, in capturing that odyssey, has the power to resuscitate those splashing around in the Sea of Doubt. What he has produced here is an original repast from which those interested in our field can draw much nourishment. 

What Jim, of course, didn’t tell you in his note, is that he just reached his 75th birthday­. A big one, yes?  And on the chance that you might like to help him celebrate that birthday and his 50 years in the trenches, something you’d better know: Not the least of Jim’s eccentricities is his aversion to receiving presents.

But, fortunately, I am aware of the one gift he is sure to relish. That would be a contribution, in any amount, to Calcutta Kids, the dramatically effective NGO established by his son Noah to provide maternal and child health and nutrition services to slum dwelling families in India. How effective? In its 12 years operating in one of the poorest slum areas of one of the world’s poorest cities, Calcutta Kids is responsible for driving down severe malnutrition among the Calcutta Kids-registered children from 16% to 3.3%.  As a member of its board, I can vouch for its remarkable performance.

If you’d like to celebrate with Jim in this way just click on the link below. 


click on “Donate,” and then, under “Dedication” write “Jim’s birthday” and he’ll be informed of your gift.


Alan Berg

Friend of—and sometime co-conspirator with—Jim these 50 years

Free PDF: Tales from the Field: 50 Years of Work in International Nutrition

If you or anyone else is interested in getting a bound copy, these are available at:


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