This was a good weekend past

I met Kosh after 3 years, though the last time when the two of us bonded like we did last weekend was more than 15 years ago. I love where he lives. He lives in a flour-mill-converted-to-apartments place. It is as downtown as you can get to Bangalore, with an Indian Army encampment across the street, and a plethora of kebab joints that attract all of Bangalore’s nightlife because they stay open till the wee hours of the morning. His place has a little garden within its walls, with high trees and bushes to keep out the city [Not the city noise, that will invade every fiber of your being].

This is what it used to look like before:




This is what it looks like now:


I’ll add my own photos when I’m there next. This place is an oasis!

I went over to his house on Friday and we sat around a 12-year-old single malt, shooting the breeze, reliving old memories, talking about the present and the future. Doesn’t it feel great when you reconnect with an old friend and you carry on as if it were 20 years ago. I can do that with very few people in this world, and I can also safely say that they are the majority of this blog’s readership. Thank you.

I intend to get more active. During my school days, I was a natural athlete. I excelled at the sprint races [slightly slower than Bolt, but I always ran barefoot and I believe i could have saved a few 1/10 seconds off my time if I used proper equipment]. My 11th grade 100 m timing was 11.1 seconds, and I thought that I could have gone faster with shoes. I was also a natural basketball player. Once I discovered the NBA, Earl Boykins was a hero for making it in the NBA while short. 🙂 Ping pong [a.k.a table tennis] and tennis [a.k.a tennis] were my other main activities. I now wonder, at what stage of life did I lose interest in pursuing these fun activities? oh I know, medical school! As medical school, and later grad school and jobs, took over my life, I let my athletic skills die out. Even today, if I practice for a bit, I can give any good basketball or tennis player a run for his/her money [Here’s looking to you, Pat! I still have the recording of our 3-hour marathon ping-pong session. I’m putting it up as soon as I’m done editing it to look like I was winning].

On being active – I hate going to the gym, cycling, jogging and the like. In my 1 year contract with the Boston Sports Club, I believe I used the gym a total of 5 times. In retrospect, I paid a hefty sum [~$600] to realize that I am not gym-active. In my discovery phase over the past year, it has hit home that I am genetically un-inclined to use a gym or go jogging. But there is one activity that makes me want to go out and get active: Yoga. I found a yoga studio nearby [in Koramangala]. This week will be a trial run to see I can mesh with the instructors. I’m picky that way. I have had many instructors, but Jean Stawarz is the only one who has inspired me to keep practicing. If you are ever in the Jamaica Plain or Roslindale area, find out when Jean holds classes and drop everything to get to it. At some point during my journeys, I hope to spend a week or so at the Iyengar Yoga ashram in Pune. And, i’m going to cycle over to my class. That should be fun!

As Suman and Kosh told me over this weekend [as was Lisa, during our therapy sessions], I’ve to work with what I have [I will not “shake what my mama gave me”, for the sake of world peace]. The posts will hopefully get more positive to show my changing outlook, and there will be far fewer rants [I have one in the tank about being denied a visa by the Embassy of Spain even though I am an invited speaker at the International Conference on Nutrition, because I am not a “resident” of India, by their reckoning; I may, however, let this rant slip through the cracks.].

So, Peace out!

This song from Pitch Perfect has been an earworm all weekend [Yes, I bought the soundtrack]. I am discovering a newfound love for a capella even though I resisted all efforts by Lex to enjoy it [and The Voice] when I was in the Land where A capella is King.

[The Breakfast Club, Don’t you forget about me, and Bee Gees’ Massachusetts – a theme here?]

Also this:

And this:

and to cap it all, this classic:

My friend Pooja, the Poet

My friend Pooja celebrated the birth of her niece with a poem dedicated to the women in her brother’s life. It’s called, unsurprisingly, “The Women in Your Life” [Reproduced in full below]

She is…
The reason you are here in this beautiful world,
The one who bore the pain,
Yet smiled as she watched you grow,
Who spent sleepless nights worrying about you,
Who takes pride in what you’ve achieved today,
Who loves you unconditionally…
She is…
She is…
The first friend you confided in,
The first friend you fought with,
With whom you shared love,envy & friendship…
As you grew together,matured together,
For whom you cried as you watched her leave with another man…
She is…
Your friend forever,
Your eternal well-wisher…
She is…
Made for you from heaven above,
The one who gave a new meaning to your life,
Who’ll walk beside you through life’s ups n downs,
Whose smile will brighten up your world,
Who’ll hold your hand as you grow old,
She is…
Your soulmate…
Your WIFE.
Yes, she’s the one who has given you the most beautiful gift of your life…