A weekend of fun…

*Start of Report*
Saturday, July 29, 2006
Finally, family time!
It was a “getting together time” for the Rastapeth family! A day of Adarsh’s T-ball, Ananya’s attempts at walking, Denish’s first time driving in the US (Yes, I do have a license!!), and 18 holes of mini-golf (Note to self: Excellence in computer golf does not translate into any degree of skill in real life mini-golf). All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable day.
Sunday, July 30, 2006
Another fun day with Patrick. I finally met his fantastic sister and brother-in-law (Genius and laughter runs in famillies, i believe). They were visiting from New York and we had a good afternoon at Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market. The afternoon was finished off in style with back-to-back, multiple games of Ping Pong and Basketball.

*End of report*

UPDATE: Monday, July 31, 2006: Pat and I are heading out for a few sets of Tennis… boy, my blog reads like a filled out physical activity questionnaire!!!
Did I mention that I went to a Bon Jovi concert on Thursday, 27th July? Good gig!


Death to the Bot programs…

I spend one day in New York and come back to a friggin’ bot leaving messages on every post of mine!!!! Its time to call on my favorite Blog Superheroes: Word Verifier Man and the Comment Moderator Woman!
On a related note, it was humid in New York, but the when I reached there, there was a fine mist hanging in the air… it was beautiful! I made Anand and Pandu walk 40 blocks from 42nd West to 82nd West, to the Met. Brave soldiers, they did not complain! We did the tourist things after that, given that both of them had not been there before… yes Axe, we were one of the millions on the street looking up all the time!!
Its a beautiful day here in Boston… Anand is here and we are going to enjoy it to the hilt!


The Indian Challenger takes on the Fillipino Basketball King

One fine July evening, the Filipino and the Indian, walking back from work, decide to indulge in a bit of Basketball one on one. The Indian dude is in his casual attire with sandals and absolutely refuses to wear shoes (“It is against my culture to do so… and besides, it will take me 15 mins to walk home to do that, so you will have to take me as I am”)
The War of the Basketball World ensued… And our tiny camera lens captured this epic contest…

The Clip is available here , courtesy of Patrick “I-have-to-go-to-work-in-5-hours” Productions!


"Ooh, what a feeling…"

“When we’re dancing on the ceiling…”
Why is this song running through my head for the last two days???
Mike joined us for a lunch hour ping pong break… He is warming up after many months of not playing the game, and I see another tough opponent (after a few more warm-up games).


The light at the end of the tunnel…

After a long chat with my advisor, Jim and another with one of my mentors in the program, i have some insight into what I need to do now… and that is to study… which I am doing… I met with my study group (rather one person in the study group!!) and decided to set out a schedule…
In the meanwhile Patrick has been wiping the floor with me in table tennis (a.k.a ping pong)… His cutting/chopping smash kill shot is deadly (pun intended)… Anyone out there with suggestion on a counter shot? i.e a counter shot that does not involve guns… And history repeats itself on the basketball floor… I aim to try to reverse the trend in Tennis but unless i lose about 15 kilos, that is not going to happen… Operation Weight and See is on…
On an unrelated note, my friend K asked me to see two movies that she had – Singles, 1992 and Prime, 2005 . Loved Singles (Dir: Cameron Crowe) and so-so on Prime. See it and tell me what you think… Who do you identify with? or, as Rick says to Ilsa, “Who are you really, and what were you before?” *nudge grin wink*


One word: WOW!

Thanks to Raj and Lachchho, I got to see one of my heroes live (*okay, okay, also a teen crush*), and within a spiderman leap from my seat too! Shock and Awe, thats what the show was all about and I am still reeling from the after effects of short term acoustic trauma!! She is 48 years old and she can still do splits!!
We had Balcony seats *behind* the stage. When we went to get seated, we were offered seats on the floor, about 50 feet from the catwalk. Guess the All-Star Baseball game kept many away.. Raj paid $65 each for our seats and we got to sit in $350 seats … how lucky can we get… I must be our “Lucky Star” *grin grin* (She did sing it!) because the same thing happened a year ago when we went for the REM concert


I give up…

I have been trying to read about the vitamin B12 deficiency, cell expression, intracellular and mitochondrial effects of B12 deficiency, and I have to say that it is not working… I am averaging one page a day (or less, sometime) and that is not helpful… I think I need a vacation.. and Chicago and Seattle look really good right now!