Super hero role models

Can you guess my nephew’s two favorite superheroes:

Hulk Smash! Iron Man Puny!
Hulk Smash! Iron Man Puny!

Him: “Hulk is sooo much bigger than iron man”

Him: “If I eat green vegetables, will I also become like Hulk?”

Me: Yes

Me: “What colour vegetables should you eat to become like Iron Man?

Him: “Red, yellow and McDonalds”

Me: *Facepalm* Advertising to kids – insidiously subverting the next generation 

An almost-4 year old describes his field trip at school

What an imagination!

Some background: I asked my nephew what transpired on his picnic/field trip last week. As per the official description, it involved a trip to another school and sundry other activities. Instead of giving me a factual account, this is what he told me. It’s definitely worth 3.5 minutes of your time.

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I {still} have no idea what transpired on his school trip {I believe it involved a movie screening} and I don’t want to know anymore; he believes it to be great and that’s all matters. The world he inhabits {in his head} is full of life and character {and characters!}. Notice the enunciation of his “R”s {quite the opposite of a Bostonian’s R drops}. He turns four on August 13th. His accent and vocal mannerisms emanate from the life around him – his family, his grandparents, his school, his friends in the apartment complex, Youtube and possibly Doraemon and Chhota Bheem. And a lisp always makes everything a child says adorable, doesn’t it?

Technical: Ignore the background sounds at the beginning; I was trying to get my recording device {i.e. phone} positioned optimally.

“Out of the mouths of babes…”

… oft-times come gems

My 4-year-old precocious nephew is a hoot. Chatty, super-intelligent, and he listens to, and registers, everything around him. He says all the darndest things.. and more. An example:

Bangalore is famous for its speed breakers, humps that would put Mohammad’s mountain to shame. We are four adults and one 10-year-old niece in my brother’s car, coming back from dinner; aforementioned nephew is sitting on grandma’s lap. As we go slowly over one of the demon speed humps, the bottom of the car gently scrapes the top of the hump. The ensuing silence is broken by Nephew, who pipes up, “Dad, aren’t we all too heavy?”

Another time, different day: he’s sitting and playing with his Lego blocks. I ask him what he does in school. He looks at me, puts his right index finger to his temple, and announces “I think”.

You can’t manufacture these moments in a sitcom. 🙂

Nikhil is born…

Another star is born!
Nikhil Srinivasan was born at 12.21 AM on the Third of July 2007. Mom and baby are doing fine. Big Brother Adarsh is excited about his arrival, and refuses to leave his side. Dad is efficiently managing the whole show, losing a lot of sleep but not showing it.
Yay! I am an uncle again!